Blues Guitar Riffs – Delta Blues Style

Blues Guitar Riffs

Image of boy playing guitar on page about blues guitar riffsI absolutely love this blues guitar riff lesson showing how to play in the Delta blues style. It is an in-depth lesson from John Hatcher (@johnfhatcher) where he takes a typical blues progression and adds several fingerstyle blues licks to help you sound better when playing acoustic blues.

Overplayed Guitar Riffs Heard in Music Stores

I just love this! I’m always conscious of what I’m playing when I plug in at my favorite guitar stores (Rudy’s Music in NYC, Sam Ash, Guitar Center) so when I came across this video on overused guitar riffs heard in music stores, I had to laugh. BTW, Reverb has a great article related to this (see “The 10 Most Overplayed Guitar Store Riffs“)


Learn some Prince guitar riffs

Prince has left a hole in many hearts. He was an icon, a musical visionary who experimented with gender, sexuality and race in a way that included and celebrated everybody. I’m thankful for Reverb’s “Guitar Riffs in the Key of Prince” guitar lesson video.

For all his talent, Prince was underrated as a guitarist. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004, the first year he was eligible, appeared on Rolling Stone’s list of best guitarists, and leveled the room when he performed a guitar solo (during a Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame show) on “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.”