Advanced Lesson on the Pentatonic Scale

This is another excellent, albeit more advanced, lesson around the pentatonic scale (if you need to get the basics of that pentatonic or blues scale, see ‘how to play guitar’). Anyway, I thought this guy was a tad verbose but, by the 10th minute, I realized he had something vital to share…and he does so very well.

Learn Minor Pentatonic Scale Tricks on Guitar

Reverb is an awesome site to buy and sell used guitars. They also have some great free online guitar lessons. This is a more advanced lesson around the pentatonic scale that I reference on the basic ‘how to play guitar’ post. Anyway, it’s well taught and easy to follow so get ready to up your guitar game.

Watch as Joe teaches some nifty bits of information on the versatile minor pentatonic scale. After a quick rundown on the basics of the scale, Joe shows us how to descend four notes and ascend three for a classic sound, play the fifth note above every note in the scale, and add a non-pentatonic note for subtle color and flavor to a riff or solo. Yeah, that sounds like a mouthful but, trust me, you will understand!