Guitar Strings & String Gauges

Guitar Strings

Image of guitar strings on a guitarWhen you need to buy new guitar strings you have three choices: 1) go to the music store and buy one pack of strings for at least $5; 2) order a pack of strings from Amazon; or 3) order strings in bulk from places like JustStrings (this is my preferred choice).

At JustStrings you’ll be amazed at the variety of strings that are available including:

  • 12-String Guitar Strings
  • Acoustic Strings
  • Banjo Strings
  • Classical Strings
  • Electric Strings
  • Flatwound Strings
  • Lap Steel Strings
  • Pedal Steel Strings
    …and more

Finally, here’s a great video from the slightly offbeat @RobScallon about the many different string gauges (thickness) that you’re likely to encounter.