Guitarless Backing Track in Ab – great quality

Image on guitarless backing tracks page featuring link to spotifyThere are plenty of great guitarless backing tracks on Spotify. Here’s one of my favorites–don’t be thrown that it’s in the key of Ab (or G#). Remember, the pattern for the pentatonic scale (blues scale) is the same in every key…only the starting point–which fret–changes.

So, jump in and jam with this excellent backing track in Ab.



Guitarless Backing Track in E – a great slow blues

Another super fine QuistJam guitarless backing track. This one is a slow blues jam in E –making sure you’ve got all the ‘major’ keys to jam along with.

Scroll to 2:00 if you want to get right to the backing track only. Tune up, chill out and ENJOY.

Chord progression:

II: E7 I A7 I E7 I E7 I
I A7 I A7 I E7 I E7 I
I B7 I A7 I E7 I B7 :II

Suggested scales:

E Minor Pentatonic – E G A B D (E)

E Minor Blues Scale – E G A A# B D (E)