Image of Mike Corso playing guitar on a site teaching how to play the guitarFor many years I have taught myself how to play guitar with the aid of resources found on the Web (and especially YouTube). The goal of Guitar Toys is to feature the absolute best guitar resources from the Web so that you can learn how to play the guitar fast and have a lot of fun playing from day one.

I believe there’s a 4-step process that every beginner guitar player should follow:

  1. Learn some basic chords
  2. Learn the pentatonic scale (that sounds scary so let’s call it the blues scale instead)
  3. Learn all 5 positions along the fretboard of the blues scale
  4. Practice the blues scale by playing along with guitarless backing tracks

Of course, there are more than 4 things to learning how to play guitar but, for now, let’s jump right in with this post.

Mike Corso