How To Play Guitar

How to Play Guitar

This is Step 2 & 3 in the Guitar Toys Method: 5 Days to Guitar Bliss

So, this, after over 20 years, is the one lesson I wish I learned during my first week of learning to play guitar. I’ll have a lot more so say about this concept in future posts but there are three important things I want you to grasp right now: 1) the blues scale or minor pentatonic scale is very important to learn; 2) you must learn all five positions (along the fretboard) of this important scale; and 3) this is NOT complicated!

(Note: if you don’t know what a major scale is yet, please click here now)

Before watching the video below, take a look at this visual presentation of the notes along the fretboard (imagine the fretboard is lying on your lap and you’re looking down at it):


Image of guitar tab of minor pentatonic scale or blues scale in A

And here is one of the best guitar teachers, Marty Schwartz, showing what it all means:

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